Monday, January 19, 2015

It's a Question I keep Asking Myself.....

The question you ask......."Am I an Artist or Just Playing One"? I want to be, I thought I used to be, but am I still? Or rather, was I ever? Are you confused yet? Well, join the crowd! I am so confused as to whether I am an artist or I just play at being one......Can I beat around the bush anymore than I already have, can I avoid or dance around the I afraid of the answer?

Here's my thought: I am a woman who can be an artist, not one that draws or paints beautiful pictures or one that sculpts gorgeous statues.....I cannot take gorgeous pictures, I cannot sew, I cannot create beautiful jewelry......but I can, well.....I believe I can create cute cards/tags/ATC's, I believe I can create grunge cards/tags/ATC's, I believe I can create grungy or cute Altered Book Pages/Journals/Canvases.....but is that enough to be called an Artist?

Another question......where did my muse go? Or is it just......where did my talent go. Creating art is such a struggle for me.....I feel guilty when people tell me that I am talented, I feel guilty because I cannot sit down anymore and create art. I stand there and look at all of my art supplies.....I just look at them. Oh, I have a gorgeous art room that sits stagnant because I can't figure out what I want to do. I am in a small art swap that I absolutely struggle getting the cards/ATC's/tags out on time, I am late for December's theme of poinsettias......the supplies and even some of the created elements are sitting on my table just waiting for me to figure out what I should do. So.....where is my muse, where is my talent?

Another question: how do I move on, how do I get interested again? I think I'm over thinking this......I need to do what makes me feel good, right? For instance, I was trying to make the poinsettias pretty (after all, they are poinsettias) but why, why do they have to be pretty? Can't I do grungy poinsettias? Grunge......I love grunge art.......I love smearing black, I love tearing paper, I love sanding Girls of my Small Art you mind grungy poinsettias? Do you mind grungy love, masking tape, old locks and keys (that would be perfect for grunge art), owls, garden, woodlands, body parts, southwest, moose, oriental, anything goes...... I think I really need to go back to what I love....right?!

I am rambling.....did I ever answer the original question? Am I an Artist or Just Playing One?

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  1. Penny you are a great mixed media artist ... you should always do what makes you happy and if grunge is it then "do it" ... I am not saying you shouldn't try and stretch yourself ever so often and do something different but if it doesn't make you happy or feel good then go back to what does ...