Monday, May 6, 2013

Zentangle, I'm all a gaga over it!

I created some Zentangle cards for the swap with my heartisttradingcards ATC group...I'm totally addicted! I created the cards for the swap and just kept going, I plan on doing the whole alphabet....I can't wait to start! I plan on Zentangling shoes, canvases, ideas are endless! What about....a bathroom? 
After I finish the "Penny Bathroom", I might do a black & white Zentangle bathroom. I've got to convince the hubby that it's something I should do....oh my.....I'm getting really excited! 

These are the ATC's for my artists friends....I used their first initial as my guide! Oh my, I love these! 

The beginning of my alphabet....okay, they just happen to be my initials as well! This is something I can do every night while relaxing with my hubby! I can carry the supplies with me everywhere and just Zen or is it Tangle? I'll post my cards as I finish them....

I started this last night, I will be finishing this off and sending it to Noelle sometime soon....I can't wait to see what the cover looks like complete! This is going to be gorgeous when it's done! 

How cool will a bathroom be, done in Zentangle? Will Drew let me do it? I just asked him....he said, "It depends on what you have in mind, I guess"! Then he said, "Never mind, you can do whatever you want"! Now....I am taking that as a YES! It will be this Summer sometime but I'm thinking I might just do it! 

 I can't write much....I've got to go Zentangle some more!

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