Monday, June 20, 2011

Welcome to the Art Journal/Altered Book Swap of 2011

I am ready, I made the decision to hostess an Art Journal or Altered Book! You decide what you want to call it...a journal or a book!

The swap will begin: August 29, 2011.
The book needs to be: 7x10" or smaller
Theme: Whatever you wish, but try to make it workable (please do not use too general of themes; (ie: Life, Happiness, Party, etc.). If you wish, you can just choose a color scheme.
Covers: Please decorate the covers (front and back, simple or not) before you mail off your book. It's always easier for the artist to "read" your style if they have something to work from.
Inside Pages: You are welcome to create some pages inside your book to give it your "feel", this helps the artists but is not necessary.
Pages: Please make sure you have enough pages for everyone to work on, or make your book "fillable" so pages can be added.
Special Materials: If you have specific materials you want used in your book, please send extras (ie: specific fabric patterns, birch bark, Oak leaves, etc.).
Signature Page: Please provide some kind of signature page for everyone to let you know that they had worked in your book, some ideas used: Tags, Leaves, Ribbons, etc. If you need help with this one as some of you may not be familiar with them, email me at: and I will help you out.
Special Requests: If you have any special requests for your book (ie: Poems, Quotes, Personal Handwriting, etc.), please put a write up in your book of your requests.
Mailing: Books are due to be mailed 25 days after receipt

By July 15th: Please email your theme, book size (any specifics) and mailing address to me and I will compile a list for everyone. After I have received everyone's information, I will send the rotation schedule so  everyone will know who they will be receiving from and who to mail to.

That's it....unless you can think of something else. It's been so long that I don't remember all the ins and outs!

If you would like to join, I sure hope you do! Please email me at:

What can I do to get ya'll interested in joining? I would really like to have at least 10 people in the swap, there are currently: 7. Come on, join the fun! 


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