Saturday, August 20, 2011

So, the Art Journal Swap has began...

The journals are to be mailed no later than August 29th. I managed to get mine all done a little early for mailing next week! Yippee! Ya'll wanna see some pages...take a gander:

I hope I didn't give too much away but I wanted to show off all the new stuff I've done. I want to do more pages but I'm running out of time. I did keep some pages so I can work on them if I get in the mood. I do love music, I hope this journal comes back full of songs from the heart! 

Have fun, ya'll! I can't wait to see the journal a little over a year from now. 


  1. AMAZING pages Pen. Love your sign in page - very clever! Can't wait to have a play in your book. Not long now! Ux

  2. Nice! I looooove grunge-style & your pages rock! Really looking forward to gettin' grungy when it's my turn to play in your awesome book, Pen! Hugs, Suzie

  3. Very Cool Penny! I can tell already this will be a fun book to play in!!

    Working on mine-

  4. these look great Pen ... I so hate I had to drop out ... Linda F