Friday, July 8, 2011

So, my computer crashed....I am back online!

SO, what is it with computers? You NEED to work on the computer but it crashes....right when you are in the middle of important stuff! What is up with that? Urgh! So now, I have it back....I can work on important stuffs! Important stuffs for my Altered Art Journal swap....Whew, the withdrawals were horrible

So, a couple pics to let ya'll know I am back online:


  1. Glad you are back online ... love the treble clef ... guess that will be in your book .... Linda F

  2. I'm thinking about something similar in my book. I've created that one for a GPP challenge of tattoos a couple of years ago! I wish I were brave enough to have it done down my back, but I am not!

  3. Yeah, computers can be unpredictable, particularly for non-techie. And for that, it isn't wise to rely your data on the gadget alone. You must have some kind of backup and not jeopardize your hard-earned files by depending on a computer as your only storage.
    (Ruby @ )