Saturday, February 16, 2013

Just a little thing

Hey I joined an International Post Card Swap, been receiving some lovely post cards in the mail which is a thrill since mostly the mail is either junk or bills. Still waiting for that one "check is in the mail" from an Ebay buyer but other than's been filled with art! I did create a card myself: My postcard is called, "Soul on Fire" but the others were titled: "The Heart of Rock and Roll is Still Beatin'"!

It's a bit of a struggle, working on something so small...but I'm getting there! I use to create Trading Cards, heck, I used to teach Trading Cards....I need to get using to working tiny again as I'm in a new art group, it's called: heARTist Trading Cards, you can check out our blog here: heARTist Trading Cards Stop on by, say Hi! 

Heart of Rock and Roll for the International Post Card Swap


  1. Love the postcard! Looking forward to playing with you!

  2. Thank you Karen.....see, grunge! LOL