Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I got to play Girly Girl....

So, I just finished three layouts in "Paper Dresses" adorable book that allowed me to be Girly! And yet, I still managed to grunge it up a little! :0) So, can you tell where I was going with my themes? I think I am the only one who understands....I showed it to others and they just see the layouts....I'll let you decide if you can tell what I was doing, where I was going with my themes! Take a look:
This is the first layout, the beginning of the tale...
The second layout....where am I leading you?
Okay....what is the tale? Who gets me? 


  1. it's a love story ... from beginning to wedding ... now what I want to know is it you and your DH ....

  2. Oh Linda, you are figured it out! And is Drew and I! He loves me in Red (Lady in Red), my favorite song is (Somethin' 'bout a truck) and of course....ours is a Love Story! I had such a great time creating this layout, it just flowed for me!